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12 August 2009 @ 07:48 pm
Request Form  
For members: (post in lj-cut)

JL Name: Just makes it easier when posting the graphics
Graphic type: Icons, Banners, Wallpaper etc...[not layouts yet]
Graphic Size: In pixels, 100x100 for icons...
Colours: If required
Text: Give as much detail as possible. Text postion /size for larger items.
Pictures: Please give links

DO NOT reply to this post with your request, make your own post and it will be added to the request list.

Info for graphic helpers:
1) Please comment on a post that you are going to do to stop other people creating the graphics for the same person.
2) If you do "claim" to do a request, please try to forfill it within a week or two if not sooner to help prevent a back log.

Any other questions, please ask here.