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12 August 2009 @ 07:29 pm
Helper Application  
Okay, this where you can apply to help on the community. I'll give a quick explanation what this will mean you'll be required to do and then how to apply.

1) Firstly, you'll need to be good at graphics in order to provide users with good results.
2) You'll need to help forfill any requests. There is a specific way to do this. Check out this post for more information.
3) You'll need to be friendly and you should be willing to give up some time to make graphics.

Also feel free to make your own posts for your graphics, just make sure they are tagged correctly.

Application form: (all comments screened)
Name: Or journal name
Age: Do not need to give but is preferable
Graphics Journal (if applicable): Leave blank if you don't have one
Comments: Why you want to help, how many days/hours you can give up to help etc...
Evidence of graphics: Please post around five icons and two larger graphics or 10 icons if you do not do larger graphics.